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Boudoir Photography in Bedford

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A Boudoir photoshoot can mean different things to different people. Of course the name comes from the French for a women's private sitting room or

'salon' though has become more well known as referring to a women's bedroom. In terms of a boudoir photoshoot or boudoir photography it

typically refers to a photoshoot in lingerie, nightwear or a sexy or revealing photoshoot but that needn't always be the case.

A boudoir photo session has more recently become something that is as often associated with confidence and feeling

glamourous and sexy as in actually being something too revealing. It is also something of a trend for a couple to have

a boudoir photoshoot together. At the end of the day though, it can be whatever you want it to be.

Stuart has a wealth of experience shooting fashion, glamour, pin up, especially vintage and retro style pin up and was a full

member of the Guild of Erotic Artists for his pin up work. (The guild is no longer active)

Before your session, Stuart will ascertain what it is you want to get from the session, what sort of images or style you

would like and then we'll go from there. Clients often feel most comfortable in their own home, but some might want something

different or a little more special and it isn't uncommon to book a posh hotel or similar for a shoot.

Though you might well wish to share your images with friends, or just your partner, equally you may not want anyone else to see them.

You can be assured that no-one else will, without you being the one sharing. We only use the most secure and private online gallery

provider and the results of your session are protected by a number of layers of security, not least only you being given the link and

being password protected. A standard session is £245 and includes your choice of 12 images professionaly edited and supplied digitally.

Full information with our prices.

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